Linné Garrett


Linné is the visionary and designer for everything at 829 DESIGN. She is a designer by trade, entrepreneur by heart, a creative, a branding leader, a savvy collaborator. She gets how brands tick, and why people choose the way they do. It’s not in the how, it’s always the why that fascinates her.

Linné's visual and intellectual vision is rooted in her 25 years experience in the design industry. She brings thoughtful and meticulous brain power to every design project in all forms of communication. Her commitment to excellence allows her to deliver powerful design solutions for strong brand strategies which require a balance between “being on trend” and brand longevity. She specializes in providing all-encompassing creative solutions specifically tailored to each client.

Mentored by the legendary Philip B. Meggs, professor, historian and author of “A History of Graphic Design” (the definitive guide used in teaching the history of graphic design) during her VCU years, she formed a strong understanding of the intellectual basis for design and visual communications, not just the aesthetic. The importance of Meggs’ influence on her professional career and POV is evident in her process in the current world of digital dominance. It has shaped her ability to tell stories with a single image, and share this talent with many happy clients.

Le Chat de Bureau Cool

Meet Oliver. He is our official "Keeper of the Cool" in our studio.

A blue Abyssinian by birth, chronic cool cat by choice. While he spends most of his time basking in the warm sunlight, he offers plenty of affection while we stir up some awesome sauce for our clients.

He's in charge of office security, our daily dose of happiness, and oftentimes is our muse because of the quintessential coolness he exudes. 

Oliver is an exceptionally good boy.