A Discussion on Color (Part 1)


If you’re a local, you know we got a LOT of rain this winter!

What we designers love about the rain is that it comes with a great rainbow. So thats what we decided to discuss in this journal.

When people approach colors, they always gravitate to their favorites or to the one that speaks to them.

Important Note: Customers do the exact same thing.

We encounter colors all the time.

Out shopping you pick between the different colors of makeup or mugs. Maybe a certain pair of shoes you will request in a different color. Car shopping, clothes shopping, even food shopping! (Is an orange supposed to look this dark…?)  Not just that though. Have you ever gone into a restaurant or a business and immediately felt as ease? Or maybe the opposite? 

Next question: Did you look at the walls?

Many consumers don’t know this, but there is an entire psychology behind colors and the emotions they evoke. There is a good reason why so many social media sites use blue in their designs. It is trustworthy and professional. Color usage effects not just a logo, but the rest of the branding as well. We are talking poster designs, packaging, headers, and more.

For now we are going to stick to logos…branding will be the next part. 

Is your goal to light a fire under the viewer, or are you trying to help them feel relaxed? That might be the decision between red and green. Even genders come into play with color. Did you know that men are more drawn to bold colors while women are happiest with softer tones?

What are the benefits of color usage in a brand?

Simple: memorability. Studies show that color increases brand recognition by 80%! Not only this but it might help pick you out of the crowd and make you more desirable to some.

Is there a brand out there that you associate with a certain color? I’m gonna challenge myself just for fun. See what you come up with!

Red - Coca Cola

Blue - Facebook

Green - H&R Block

Yellow - McDonalds

Orange - Nickelodeon

Purple - Hallmark

Black - Nike

To jump ahead slightly: Color also helps add depth to your brand. If you are a company who’s goal is to help inspire kids to be more creative, you might want to consider orange. But if you are a whole foods company focusing on organic and natural ingredients: Green all the way!! The message is coded in - in the CMYK! We recommend having a selected color palette built when the logo is developed. From there, the branding can naturally evolve into something amazing!



Let’s get to it!

Keep in mind that the meanings and feelings brought on by colors often overlap and contradict. It is all in the execution of the usage. This is why its important to consult a designer near you ;)


This is a color of passion. It can also also drive response and create action with its fiery warm tone. It communicates power, strength, and determination. There is a romantic and steamy side while also eliciting feelings of youthful playfulness.  


This is a vibrant and rich color that often inspires creativity. Energetic vibes with the freshness of yellow while not straying all the way into the power of red. In this way, it is truly the color of change - positive change. It is balanced, often being associated with wealth, success, and high society. Orange can be incredibly vivid while also being soft and natural. 


She is the happiest of all the rainbow. The color of the sun itself, spreading positivity and optimism. It can be very warm, it is good to use for relationships and friendship. Feels clear and light. But beware, this color can also feel confusing and overbearing. It can catch the eye but then might not let you go again. People can find this color to be chaotic and annoying.


Fresh, organic, natural, growth…all words that align themselves with this royal and rich color. Green has been rightly claimed by the natural world, giving the feeling of wholesome energy and fertility. Like yellow, there is a darkness that can make you feel jealous, sickly, and envious. But when used correctly, this is an honest and gorgeous color. Green has been used to stimulate hunger, sooth emotions, and make one feel strong and inspired. Green is a very well rounded color. 


This is probably the most social color, stirring feelings of interaction and relaxation. Blue historically makes viewers feel serene and peaceful while also inspiring creativity and authority. It is also a cold color if you’re not careful. Trustworthiness won’t be lost is you chose to use blue.


Probably the most royal out of all the colors. This is historically rooted because purple was a notoriously hard pigment to obtain. Purple is dignified, powerful, and mysterious. Also closely associated to magic and fantasy. It is firmly etherial and powerful. Rich and regal, perfect for any brand wishing to become prominent in the eyes of the consumer.


Historically paired with purity and innocence, white is an excellent color to communicate serenity and goodness. It is a color of light and positivity. Probably best to be used with minimalist and simple branding.


It goes without saying that this is a color of darkness. If purple was mysterious, this color is doubly so. Black isn’t always negative, but you have to be cautious when incorporating it. Black is strong and elegant, power and elusive. It is moody to be sure. 


Practical and timeless, it is a good halfway neutral color. It makes people feel comfortable and safe while being strong and stable. Be aware that it may appear moody and hopeless

Question Time!!

  1. What do you think of this photo?

  2. What story does it tell you?

  3. Any juxtapositions that you are feeling?

  4. What kind of ad could this be used for?


Wow, that was a lot to read through…

So what are we trying to tell you here? Color matters in design work. No matter what color you pick for your brand, it will stand out better than if it was just in black and white (That being said, your design needs to look good in black and white regardless). Color can be endlessly useful, but it must be used wisely. 

In the next part, we will be discussing the importance of color in branding as well as in marketing. That will be a deeper dive into the use of color now that you get the psychology behind colors themselves.

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