A Blushing Year for 2019


Say so long to Paisley Park and last year’s Prince inspired Ultra Violet color. We are here to share the awesome symbolism behind this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral.

Everywhere you look and anywhere you go, screens follow. Technology has boomed and with it, we are exposed to news alerts, weather reports, status updates, tweets, pins, photos, texts… ah, the list goes on! We have slowly been desensitized. Every month we hear about trash taking over the environment and a new animal on the endangered species list. Along with the advent of tech and social media comes the feeling of isolation and less empathy…

ENTER 2019 - The goal: reconnect, nurture, and foster genuine connection. Like the delicate and complex coral reef systems of our awesome oceans, we are all in need of more kindness and playfulness. Reach out and revitalize your community. Look to the Earth to make your mark in a beautiful and sustainable way.

Did you know that coral reefs are nature’s protection from storms? In the same way, we should look to help protect our fellow neighbor and our environment we all share. In our constantly changing society, it is easy to shut down. Remember to build bridges, not walls. Let the golden warmth of Living Coral remind you to glow from the inside out with positivity. Pass on the joy this year! Happy 2019 ~

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